Access Information

Access to Althorpe Island is restricted and limited to DENR permit holders due to the fragile environment and safety issues.

The Friends of Althorpe Islands access the main island a number of times per year. Certain activities are prohibited at specific times due to the breeding cycles of the sea eagles and the migrating shearwaters, mutton birds. (Fauna)

We undertake maintenance of the buildings, including historic maritime infrastructure, as well as continue the eradication of introduced weed species.

Visiting the island is for the outdoors and practical person, as facilities are minimal. The walk up the zigzag path (370 m in length) to the plateau (90 m above sea level), carrying all provisions and equipment, can be daunting. In the end, however, the visitor is rewarded with spectacular panoramic views.

A head keeper allegedly noted that mice had been introduced in the mid1930s.  They are at times in plague proportions, particularly since cats were removed from the island. Despite these minor setbacks it is the maritime history, beauty of the seascape, and the achievement of preservation work, that overcomes all of these factors.

As a community group, the Friends try to encourage all members to visit the island. However, participants are selected on the basis of relevant skills and experience, with consideration being given to the tasks to be undertaken.

For more information regarding visiting Althorpe Island, please see...  althorpe-island-visit-info-2013.pdf